ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo Has Fans Shook After Going Shirtless In The “Island” Finale

Hottest priest ever.

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Over the last few months, fans have been enjoying the K-Drama, Island. Starring Kim Nam GilLee Da HeeCha Eunwoo, and Sung Joon, the series is about three individuals trying to fight against evil “trying to destroy the world.

In particular, lots of praise has been given to Eunwoo for his amazing acting skills!

ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo | Fantagio

Eunwoo stars as a Catholic priest that performs exorcisms to “protect life and purify evil,” and previously went viral for his visuals in the role!


On March 10, KST, the finale of the K-Drama aired, and during the episode, Eunwoo did something that fans can’t stop talking about!

In one scene, Eunwoo tries to exorcise a possessed person, and during that, the person manages to rip open Eunwoo’s outfit.

In cut scenes, Eunwoo is seen sitting on the same bed before standing and taking off the ruined outfit, first exposing his toned back.

The perspective changes as he puts on another top, showing his chest and abs flexing as he redresses.

While it was not meant to be a sexy moment, fans can’t help but thirst a little (or a lot) over Eunwoo’s shirtless scene!


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