ASTRO’S Moonbin Reveals Why He Had To Resort To Wearing Wigs

His awesome hairstyle had some serious consequences.

On January 23, ASTRO guested on SBS Love FM’s Kim Chang Ryul’s Old School and talked about the concept of their new album, their first comeback in 1 year and 2 months.


When Kim Chang Ryul mentioned the various hair colors of their new concept, ASTRO explained that their album revolves around the subject of “light” and therefore, they’ve tried to incorporate the colors of light into their hair and emphasize this with white outfits.

Fans have been saying we look like the Beatles. Our hair colors are varied. The album focuses on light so we’ve tried to incorporate the colors of light. We’ve made our outfits white.

ㅡ JinJin


Moonbin, who is sporting a pink hair color for their new concept, explained that he had to bleach his hair 6 times to achieve the color and as a result, his hair became very weak.

I bleached my hair 6 times. After that, my hair isn’t able to bear it anymore.

ㅡ Moonbin


He then confessed that wore a wig for his bangs.

Actually, my bangs are not my real hair.

ㅡ Moonbin


JinJin added that the effects of bleach also depend on your hair type and stated that the colors wear off very quickly for himself because of his thin hair but that Moonbin has thicker hair.

I think it depends on the thickness of your hair. I have thin hair so the color fades away quickly but Moonbin has thick hair.

ㅡ JinJi


Moonbin’s story just proves that with beauty comes a cost!

Source: Xportsnews