ASTRO’s Moonbin Won A Fansign Video Call With His Younger Sister Billie’s Sua By Pure Coincidence And Luck

What a supportive brother.

ASTRO Moonbin‘s younger sister, Moon Sua, recently debuted with girl group Billie. They’ve been known for their supportive and good relationship with each other, so it came as no surprise that Moonbin decided to support his younger sister by purchasing her debut album. But what tickled fans was that he didn’t just buy normal albums, he bought them as part of a raffle for a videocall fansign slot.

He shared the information with fans through Dear U. Bubble.

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  • “Ah about the raffle.”
  • “It’s a secret.”
  • “She doesn’t have a handphone so.”
  • “My phone number will be leaked?”
  • “Well if that happens I can just change it.”
  • “What should I ask her if I do get to go…”

Moonbin nonchalantly risked it for the biscuit! As winners of the fansign will usually have a portion of their phone number or a portion their email address released on the winner’s list, it seems that fans were concerned for his personal safety. However, Moonbin decided that it was worth a shot! Not more than 4 digits out of the 11 numbers are usually shown anyway.

As the day for announcement of winners rolled around, fans couldn’t help but check out of curiosity. They soon realized that Moonbin might have indeed won a call!

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Fans claim his name was easily identifiable as his full name only consists of two characters rather than the usual three, and his last name was revealed. However, the matter cannot be confirmed as of the moment unless Moonbin speaks on it!

We wonder what he will end up asking his younger sister during the call, if it is him? Check out Billie’s debut song below in the meantime while you stay tuned.

Source: pann