Netizens Believe ASTRO’s Rocky Sent A Coffee Truck To Actress Park Bo Yeon Before Confirming Their Relationship

“Rocky is truly the most romantic idol…”

Rumors recently circulated around social media that ASTRO‘s Rocky and actress Park Bo Yeon were dating after netizens shared alleged photos of the two stars together.

ASTRO’s Rocky | @p_rocky/Instagram

Actress Park Bo Young | @parktigger/Instagram

Although netizens were confused about the fact that Rocky’s agency Fantagio confirmed the rumors while Park Boyeon’s company Management Koo denied it, it seems like fans have found more proof of their dating.

After the statements were released, netizens believe that they found proof that Rocky had sent a food truck to Park Bo Yeon for the filming of her latest drama. In the photos, there was the truck with coffee cup sleeves saying, “Bo Yeon, I love you.” 

| theqoo

The sign with the truck was even circulating on Korean forums, and it had the message, “Bo Yeon, gain strength from this coffee that is filled with love.”

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Finally, a video was shared on social media with the caption, “A girl who is touched by her boyfriend sending her a coffee truck.”

In the video, Park Bo Yeon seems truly touched by the truck she is seeing, and someone can even be heard saying, “Don’t cry,” as she first has a glimpse of the truck.

| @kk50720127/Twitter

Yet, the reason many truly believed it was sent by Rocky was because of the video playing. On the video, it seemed to be a screenshot of Rocky from the drama Find Me If You Can.

The scene shown on the coffee truck | theqoo

The scene from the web drama that was seen on the coffee truck | theqoo

The K-Drama starred ASTRO’s Rocky and MJ alongside Park Bo Yeon, and the fact that his scene was there and it was that drama made it seem even more likely that the two are dating.

The web drama with the stars of ASTRO and Park Bo Yeon | INSSAOPPA G [인싸오빠]/YouTube
Alongside Korean netizens, the idea that Rocky sent the truck to Park Bo Yeon has gained a lot of attention from international fans. When one user shared a TikTok about it…

The comments couldn’t get over how romantic Rocky was being, with many saying how they had stanned the right person.

Users on Twitter even shared the fact that since Park Bo Yeon became an actress, it was the first time she had received a food truck. The fact it seemed to be from Rocky made their hearts melt even more, even if the statements from the companies were different.

Although the statements might be conflicting, the positive reaction from netizens shows just how much they are rooting for Rocky and Park Bo Yeon. If it is true, the coffee truck is truly the sweetest way to show affection, and the actress’s reaction proves how much it means to her.

You can read the full statement below.

ASTRO’s Rocky Confirms He Is Dating Actress Park Bo Yeon… But She Denies It

Source: theqoo