ASTRO’s Rocky Shows Off His Composing Skills On Weeekly’s Newest Single

He’s showing off his all-rounder skills!

ASTRO‘s Rocky was amongst the composers credited on Weeekly‘s newest single, “7Days Tension” (also known as “Tension Up”), and fans could not be more proud of him!

ASTRO’s Rocky. | @offclASTRO/Twitter

“7Days Tension” was released in collaboration with South Korean eyewear brand Davich on May 28, and is Weeekly’s first release with the brand.

Weeekly. | Davich

Rocky has composed many songs for ASTRO, such as “One & Only” (2020) and “Our Spring” (2021) amongst others. “7Days Tension” is the first song he’s composed for a different group, so it’s a huge achievement!

Their fans, AROHAs, are incredibly proud–and rightfully so!

While the composition credits of the song were revealed prior to the song release, it still caught many fans by surprise.

He truly is an amazing all-rounder idol!

You can watch the music video for “7Days Tension” below!

Source: Herald Pop