ASTRO’s MJ Just Set This K-Pop Record With His Win On “The Trot Show”

He deserved this win!

ASTRO‘s MJ has taken home the trophy on The Trot Show, and he is setting a record in K-Pop as the first idol to do so.

There is no shortage of idols who have demonstrated impressive trot-singing abilities, including BIGBANG‘s DaesungIUTaeyon, and many others, even though trot requires artists to be extremely skilled vocalists. MJ is in fact a member of the trot group Super Five along with PENTAGON‘s Hui, A.Cian‘s Hyuk Jin, Park Hyeong Seok, and Ok Jin Wook, which was formed on the trot survival show, Favorite Entertainment in 2020.

MJ in Happy Virus | @officialastro/Instagram

Despite the wealth of talent that other idols have exhibited in trot, it is MJ who won the trophy on The Trot Show with the track “Get Set Yo” from his digital single Happy Virus. This is an impressive achievement not only because it’s a first for K-Pop idols, but because Happy Virus also happens to be MJ’s debut as a solo artist. He made his debut on November 3 of this year, so fans will be very proud of him for making his first outing as a solo artist such a success. We’re also sure his members, both in ASTRO and Super Five, will be very happy for him.

As a matter of fact, ASTRO leader Jinjin congratulated him with a cute celebratory selfie!

Congratulations to MJ for setting this K-Pop record! Watch MJ’s “Get Set Yo” on the link below.

Source: Twitter