ATTRAKT To Launch A “New Girl Group” Following Legal Win Against FIFTY FIFTY

Is this the beginning of the next viral sensation?

On September 3, the management label ATTRAKT announced via an official social media update that it’s launching a “new girl group project.” The news came following the CEO Jeon Hong Joon‘s legal win against the girl group FIFTY FIFTY.

FIFTY FIFTY | @we_fiftyfifty/Instagram

In a previous statement, the CEO asked FIFTY FIFTY members to return,” but based on the members’ move to appeal the court’s decision, a reunion did not seem feasible.

I feel vindicated. I am so touched by the support given to me by the public. If everything works out, I will support those who have suffered an injustice like me. But most of all, I want the members to return.

— Jeon Hong Joon

The post, claiming that the search for a new group is “coming soon,” gained much attention—as K-Pop fans in both Korea and around the world have followed the legal battle between ATTRAKT and FIFTY FIFTY for months now.

| @theattrakt/Instagram
| @attrakt_audition/Instagram

As of August 31, Jeon Hong Joon revealed that ATTRAKT has signed an investment deal with Singapore’s Evergreen Group Holdings CEO David YongHankook Ilbo reported, David Yong “met ATTRAKT CEO Jeon Hong Joon to sign an investment deal and completed transferring the funds.”

Evergreen CEO David Yong (left) and ATTRAKT CEO Jeon Hong Joon (right) | Evergreen Group Holdings

Koreans—assuming Jeon Hong Joon is embarking on the new girl group search using the investment—expressed undivided support for ATTRAKT, leaving encouraging comments all over online communities.

| theqoo
  • “Once the new group debuts, I bet the members will receive a lot of attention. Even non-K-Pop fans will give them a listen.”
  • “The CEO seems to be a great dude. And it became clear that ATTRAKT treats their trainees well. So I hope a lot of smart, talented trainees audition and make their dreams come true.”
  • “The new group is going to get a lot of attention from the beginning.”
  • Hwaiting!
  • “The CEO must have gone through hell both financially and mentally… I hope he finds the members he deserves and for them to become a huge hit.”
| theqoo
  • “Based on FIFTY FIFTY’s songs, as well as the qualities of their albums and promotions, I think the CEO knows what he’s doing. I hope he finds the right talented trainees to turn into the next super girl group. IMO, the FIFTY FIFTY members kind of lacked charm. I liked them for the song.”
  • Hwaiting, hwaiting.”
  • “Call the new group CUPID.”
  • “Once the new group debuts, I’ll give them all the streaming support.”
  • “This whole mess, at the least, let the world know that the ATTRAKT CEO is one of the rare small management companies that take good care of the trainees. What other labels dorm their trainees in apartments and splurge funds to make them go TikTok viral? So that’s good, haha.”
  • “Nice. I wish him all the best!”
Source: Korea Times, Newsen and theqoo


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