ATTRAKT Officially Terminates Contracts Of FIFTY FIFTY’s Sio, Saena, And Aran

They are no longer part of the company.

ATTRAKT has officially notified FIFTY FIFTY‘s Sio, Saena, and Aran that their contracts with the company have been terminated.

In a statement shared with media outlet Sports Seoul, ATTRAKT shared the three FIFTY FIFTY members are no longer contracted with their company.

We notified Saena (Jeong Se Hyeon), Sio (Jeong Ji Ho), and Aran (Jeong Eun Ah) that their contracts would be terminated back on October 19.

The three members of FIFTY FIFTY have taken legal action against us without any reflection or correction on their serious contractual violations. We are discussing follow-up measures against them in the future.


Earlier, Keena decided to return to ATTRAKT and expose Ahn Sung Il’s wrongdoings, which is why her contract is not getting terminated.

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Source: Sports Seoul