Audience Opinion Divided After “Street Woman Fighter” Crews Feature Idols In Upcoming Performances

International fans and Korean fans have two drastically different takes.

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The latest preview for Street Woman Fighter‘s upcoming episode showed both the WANT and HOOK dance crews featuring idols — and audiences are divided on how to feel about it.

Contestants of Street Woman Fighter. | Mnet

WANT brought in LOONA‘s YvesWeki Meki‘s Yoojung, and Lee Young Ji for their performance while HOOK featured Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung. International fans are overwhelmingly in favor of the decision to include idols in the upcoming stages, especially since previous episodes showed some contestants speaking down on idols for perceived differences.

However, Korean netizens have a different opinion on the issue. Many have expressed disapproval over the focus of the show shifting more towards idols instead of the dancers. Others have stated that having idols in a group will give an advantage to those crews as they will receive more likes and views. Most of the heat is being put on Mnet and its producers rather than the dancers and idols themselves.

| theqoo
  • “410. The views and the likes are how they get evaluated so this seems unfair, doesn’t it…”
  • “411. I really don’t like this. On top of that, they’re putting the celebrities as the main dancers in a competition about professional dancers ㅋㅋ.”
  • “412. This is a program dedicated to dancers so they should keep the stages full of dancers only. Mnet, what are you doing.”
  • “439. Why do they keep including celebrities…I’m honestly so disappointed…I was already disappointed enough with Chaeyeon.”
  • “440. The vibe of ‘Street Woman Fighter’ has changed a lot. It’s not good anymore.”
  • “442. I just wanted to see a dance program where they competed with only dancing ㅠㅠ.”

HOOK’s stage in particular is drawing attention for putting Sooyoung in a drastically different outfit from the other dancers, which, to some netizens, makes it clear that the focus is meant to be on the idol instead of the dancers.

| Mnet/YouTube via theqoo

Lee Chaeyeon, Yoojung, and Lee Young Ji have posted about their performance on their personal Instagram accounts. Some netizens have seen this as an obvious way to sway public opinion in their favor.

Mnet ‘Street Woman Fighter’

I participated in the Mega Crew Mission with the WANT crew along with LOONA’s Yves unnie and Young Ji!

Go watch the full version! Please give it a like.

— Yoojung

Choi Yoojung’s Instagram story. | @dbeoddl__/Instagram

The next episode of Street Woman Fighter will air on September 21, 2021. Read more about the discussion of idols vs. dancers on Street Woman Fighter below.

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