B.A.P Daehyun’s ex-vocal teacher HAK Ssem speaks up about B.A.P’s situation

In light of B.A.P filing a lawsuit against TS Entertainment for contract nullification on November 26th, member Daehyun‘s former vocal teacher has taken to Twitter to express his view and support on the group’s current situation. 

On November 26th, B.A.P filed a lawsuit against TS Entertainment for contract nullification, citing issues such as unfair treatment, and reported that during their 3 years of promotions, TS Entertainment gained a revenue of 10 billion won (about $9 million USD) but the members of B.A.P themselves received less than 18 million won (about $16,000 USD) each, during that time span.

Since then, there have been reports that the tensions between B.A.P and TS Entertainment have been ongoing since May 2014, and Dispatch released an exclusive Q&A article discussing B.A.P’s side in the controversy.

Now, B.A.P member Daehyun’s former vocal teacher, who goes by the name HAK Ssem on his Twitter account, has spoken up on behalf of the boys by tweeting a series of messages.

First he tweeted “These are the things I have heard by keeping in touch with the members and their parents. I have been patient, but I cannot stand by and watch anymore. Those who love B.A.P stick with me behind them and support them to the end.” He also attached several screen shots of a longer message from his phone that read as follows:

“First, Dispatch’s [report] is the most realistic report of them all, and I didn’t speak up because I didn’t want to harm the group during their activities, but [now] I must speak up.

During their 3 years, they [TS Entertainment] cut their [B.A.P] contact with the outside world, took their cellphones, and even when they were in their hometown doing a fan sign event, they [TS Entertainment] wouldn’t even let them [B.A.P] see their parents for a few minutes. Even when they didn’t have schedules and their parents came to see them, they wouldn’t let them meet.

They [B.A.P] had their official break for the first time this year. Everything else was the manager or the chief letting them out for a day or two without telling the company.

Their parents kept saying ‘We have to talk to the company,’ but the members kept saying ‘We just have to concentrate on our music,’ and told their parents it’s okay. They kept getting IV lines and didn’t even once complain before this.”

Soon after, he then tweeted another message supporting the boys that said “You can share what I’ve wrote, I actually want many people to share this. I’m ready to fight along side Daehyun.”