Remember The Fan EXO’s Baekhyun Promised To Visit At Her Burger Shop? Here’s How EXO-Ls Ran Up The Orders For The Place

All due to Baekhyun’s power.

Previously, EXO‘s Baekhyun made headlines when he adorably interacted with a fan known as Kong-ddeok. He had cutely asked her for her work schedule as a part timer at a burger shop in Bucheon city, and promised to visit her someday. How did this all start?

Baekhyun had tweeted out to ask EXO-Ls, “Are there Eris, or Eri’s parents who run F&B businesses? Location does not matter! Is there! I thought of something!!

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Eventually, after conversing with Kong-ddeok and promising to visit her, he even uploaded a screenshot that he had saved the details down in his notes app.

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Kong-ddeok became so popular amongst fans for the adorable interaction that fans started buzzing about her. One fan tweeted, “it is Kong-ddeok sunbaenim’s work hours in an hour.

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A friend of Kong-ddeok’s tweeted out the following conversation where Kong-ddeok lamented that people would recognize her if they visited the shop.

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  • “What am I supposed to do?”
  • “I’m the only part timer at work”
  • “Everyone will know I’m Kong-ddeok”

Eris started to make memes out of the situation, imagining if Baekhyun went to visit.”

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  • “Excuse me, are you Kong-ddeok?”
  • “Sorry oppa but the orders are stacking up.”

They compared her to Spongebob and her boss to Mr Krabs.

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Eventually it was revealed that orders were so backed up, people who tried to order delivery had to wait for an hour.


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The name of the burger shop even trended on Naver.

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All this due to Baekhyun’s power! Baekhyun eventually apologized to Kong-ddeok and also asked the manager to treat her well! What a day it must have been for Kong-ddeok and the EXO-L community!

Source: theqoo


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