Ballad Group Leader Caught Filming Girl Naked Without Her Permission

The leader of a ballad group was accused of keeping secret photos of his ex-girlfriend while she was naked.

The anonymous leader of a ballad group has been accused of filming a naked girl without her permission. The two were reportedly in a relationship for about a year but broke up in 2010, after which the woman discovered that the singer had secretly filmed the two having sex, and taken multiple videos of her naked.

They met while he was a student at university and broke up just shortly after his debut. During their relationship, she discovered nude videos of her on his phone and asked him to delete them. He first made excuses but eventually said they were deleted.

“After that, he would ask for nude video calls and naked pictures, and when I refused would continue to pressure me.”

— Victim

About a year after they broke up, she discovered he had additional nude videos and photos on his phone. The victim confessed that due to the shock and trauma of discovering the pictures and videos, she was on antidepressants for eight years.

When she repeatedly complained about the abuse and violation, the singer apparently apologized in 2015.

“I’m sorry… I regret it now…and I hope you can be free of the memories and rise above them. I will cherish the memories of us together… for the sake of the people you love, you should try to forget the trauma…I will do the same.”

— Singer

The victim wanted to expose the act as a crime. Even though they were lovers at the time, it was not consensual and still an offense.

However, she didn’t name shame the person who committed the offense because she wanted her confession to strengthen the #Metoo movement by alerting the public to dating sex crimes rather than attacking one person.

“And for women who are victims of similar crimes, do not be alone for a long time like me. Please do not let this be repeated by revealing, reporting and punishing those responsible. I believe in the #Metoo movement with all my heart.”

— Victim

Source: SBS FunE

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