Banana Culture’s Wang Sicong Mocks “Produce 101” China Contestants

“There’s a space the size of the Pacific Ocean between her eyes, she looks like an anglerfish.”

Wang Sicong, the founder of entertainment agency Banana Culture, dissed contestants on China’s Produce 101, calling one a fake crybaby and another an “anglerfish”.

Image: ChinaFotoPress


Wang Sicong is the only son of Chinese billionaire Wang Jianlin and known for his controversial comments on social media.

He was criticized by the state-owned Xuahua newspaper in 2015 for posting racy pictures and captions, accused of “stain[ing] the purity of the Chinese”. 


His most famous diss was directed at Chinese actress Fan BingBing when he posted “Someone Bing is a red carpet star who can’t act and has no achievement, and is only famous from tabloid news and hype.”

The award-winning TV star responded, “You go find your dad, and I do my work. Consider us both self-reliant.”  


Now, he has made headlines again with insulting comments about contestants Yumy, Sunnee, Li Ziting and Yang Chaoyue.

Sunnee from Taiwanese group A’N’D


First, he basically called Yamy and Sunnee men.

Yamy is the leader of Yukika Band


He then called Li Ziting an anglerfish because “there’s a space the size of the Pacific Ocean between her eyes.”


And implied Yang Chaoyue was faking her tears.


And when Yang Chaoyue came third, after Cosmic Girls‘s Mei Qi and Xuan Yi, Wang Sicong said it was an insult to the other contestants.


The joke is on the businessman, however, since all four of the girls he dissed made the top nine and are now part of Rocket Girls!

Source: CNBC and Yahoo News