Controversial Viral Clip At Former B.A.P Bang Yongguk’s Concert Sparks Reaction From BTS ARMYs

A concert-goer stirred up fandom drama.

A viral clip at former B.A.P member Bang Yongguk‘s concert has sparked a reaction from BTS ARMYs.

Bang Yongguk is currently on his THE COLORS OF BANG YONG GUK THE US TOUR 2023.

At one of his recent concerts, a fan in the audience shouted, “B.A.P is better than BTS!” Bang Yongguk appeared shocked and tried to calm the crowd. A video clip of the moment has gone viral on social media with 3.8M views on Twitter at the time of writing.

Naturally, the video clip sparked a reaction from fandoms, especially ARMY. Many were flabbergasted by the incident.

While some have targeted Bang Yongguk rather than the guilty concert-goer, many are also defending him. As those in attendance pointed out, he attempted to silence the crowd.

B.A.P, which debuted in 2012, was hugely popular, and many of their fans has long believed they could have reached worldwide success like groups, such as BTS and EXO, if not for company TS Entertainment. Still, pitting one group against another, especially at an artist’s concert, is inappropriate. As other fans have pointed out, both groups have been friendly for years too.

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