Behind-The-Scenes Blooper Of “Single’s Inferno 2” Star Choi Jong Woo Proves Shin Seul Ki Was Truly Always On His Mind

His feelings are genuine!

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Throughout Netflix‘s hit Korean reality dating show Single’s Inferno 2, contestant Choi Jong Woo appeared to ever only have eyes for one woman: Shin Seul Ki.

Choi Jong Woo | Netflix
Shin Seul Ki | Netflix

They were actually the first man and woman to enter Inferno. Although there were many seats to choose from, he naturally was drawn to Seul Ki and sat by her.


So, they were also grouped along with Choi Seo Eun for the tour around the island. During that time, it was clear he was already interested in only Seul Ki.

From left: Jong Woo, Seo Eun, and Seul Ki | Netflix

At the end of the first episode, everyone sent a note to the person who gave them the best first impression. Some people can receive multiple notes, and Jong Woo believed Seul Ki would receive the most.


While she did become the most popular contestant during the show with three love interests, at the time, Jong Woo was the only one who sent her a postcard.


Even when she had many potential suitors, Jong Woo did not waver or look for another potential partner to leave Inferno with. He was 100% committed to Seul Ki, so much so that he risked everything in the men’s game in which Kim Jin Young and Jo Yoong Jae teamed up against him for a last chance to take her to Paradise.

From left: Kim Jin Young, Choi Jong Woo, and Jo Yoong Jae | Netflix

Jong Woo’s commitment and loyalty did not go unrecognized by Seul Ki. In the end, she chose him out of the three men to leave Paradise with.


Season 1 proved that the relationships in Single’s Inferno could be authentic, as some couples did truly date after filming. This includes Moon Se Hoon and Shin Ji Yeon, whose relationship parallels Jong Woo and Seul Ki in some ways.


Still, viewers question a lot about Single’s Inferno. Many have speculated that, like most Western reality TV, it’s at least partially scripted.

Now, a behind-the-scenes clip from one of Jong Woo’s interviews, while he was on Inferno, proves that his feelings were genuine for Seul Ki and that she really was the only woman on his mind.

For context, the women competed in a game for a chance to win a special date in Inferno with two men of their choice. Surprisingly, Lee So E won and chose Jong Woo along with Jo Yoong Jae, who, until she met Kim Se Jun, was the only man she was interested in, similar to Jong Woo.

From left: Seo Eun, Seul Ki, Nadine, So E, and Seo Jeong | Netflix

While Jong Woo was not interested in So E, he was friendly as always during the date, and engaging. So, the Single’s Inferno 2 crew interviewed him about it.

From left: So E, Jong Woo, and Yoong Jae | Netflix

He was asked if anything about the meal left an impression…

As soon as he started to reply, Seul Ki came out of his mouth. The crew caught it and corrected him, explaining that he met with So E, not Seul Ki.

Jong Woo was shocked to realize he had made the mistake. He was so embarrassed and apologetic.

So, he was asked to retake it. At first, he was doing okay. Although he was able to So E, he soon mentioned Seul Ki again in the next sentence.

Again, he was asked to redo his response in the interview. So, Jong Woo rehearsed saying So E’s name over and over, hoping not to make the same mistake.

Jong Woo tried to defend himself, also. He explained that since both their names begin with “S,” they are quite similar… The crew was not buying it.

Finally, after one more retake, Jong Woo succeeded in not mentioning Seul Ki while talking about So E! He was so happy.

This behind-the-scenes blooper proves that Seul Ki being the only woman on his mind was not just for show.

Also, when Netflix shared the video, Seul Ki liked the post. This further proves that the two might actually still be a couple!

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