Berry Good’s Johyun Apologizes For Comparing Lovelyz Mijoo’s Body To Chopsticks

She was criticized for disrespecting Mijoo.

Berry Good‘s Johyun was recently criticized for comparing Lovelyz Mijoo‘s body figure to chopsticks. While comparing their sexy images, Johyun claimed that Mijoo looked beautiful but “like a chopstick”, while she boasted glamorous curves.

After netizens called her out for body shaming and disrespecting her senior, Johyun took to Instagram to apologize to Mijoo for her comment. She claimed she was only trying to be funny on the variety show and emphasized that she admires Mijoo’s figure.

Mijoo unnie, who’s so so beautiful and an amazing variety show god!! Model-like height! Unbelievable physique! I was trying to express

I was continuously sorry for using extreme comparisons for the fun of the show

I love you, unnie! I’ll always cheer you on

— Johyun

Everyone can now put the matter aside because both ladies are absolutely stunning in their own way!


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