Biased Towards Lee Young Ji? Fans Complain As “Show Me The Money” Season 11 Drops To 0% Viewer Ratings

This is the fifth consecutive episode with such low ratings.

The ongoing season of Show Me The Money, a Korean hip-hop reality show, has taken the hit of its lowest rating yet with its ninth episode. The season began with a 1.2% rating, but it dropped down to 0.7% during its latest episode, and fans believe the obvious favoritism in the show is the primary cause behind it.

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Show Me The Money has been facing ratings in the 0% range since its fifth episode, which recorded a viewership of 0.6%. With a total of nine episodes out, the show now has an average rating of 0.9%. Compared to the earlier seasons, this is a huge pitfall for an iconic show like this.

Screengrab from “Show Me The Money” episode 9

This season of the show has rapper Lee Young Ji as one of the contestants, and viewers have been complaining of possible bias towards her for some time now. Previously, she was criticized for calling herself a rapper without having a single album out. Many felt that the lack of her own discography disqualified her from earning that label.

Rapper Lee Young Ji

Now, audiences feel that the obvious favoritism towards her has ruined the fun of watching the show, which is why even older fans of the franchise are now reluctant to tune in, On the other hand, some viewers felt the opposite. In their opinion, the format of the show and the other participants, apart from Young Ji, are not interesting enough to retain attention.

  • “The show is too blatant about its favoritism towards certain rappers…..”
  • “I’ve started watching only the highlights to get a sense of what’s going on…”
  • “We only need a new season about once every two years.”
  • “Lee Young Ji is gonna be the winner anyway, so what’s the reason for watching LOL.”
  • “I only search up Lee Young Ji’s parts ❤️”
  • “I also only watch Lee Young Ji’s parts on YouTube…the rest are not interesting.”
  • “The show’s flopping because they keep pushing Lee Young Ji, a rapper with no album of her own ㅋㅋㅋ they’re really media playing some kid with no album as the leader of Korean hip hop ㅋㅋㅋ”

Lee Young Ji

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