Singer BIBI Drops Out Of “Sweet Home 2” Right After She Concluded Her First Filming And Here’s Why

Her agency explained but fans aren’t buying it.

Singer BIBI was previously announced to be joining the cast of Sweet Home 2. The sequel comes as a highly anticipated follow-up to season one, which topped Netflix charts worldwide. About a killer disease that takes over the world, a group of residents are trapped in an apartment block. Starring huge names such as Song Kang, Go Min Si, Lee Do Hyun, and more, the sequel began filming just recently in mid-2022.

Song Kang in Sweet Home. | Netflix

BIBI was announced to have joined the lineup for the sequel and even began filming. Just two weeks after her joining was announced, on September 20, 2022, it was announced that she had dropped out suddenly. According to relevant industry insiders, BIBI had finished her first filming with the show. People had been looking forward to it as BIBI was said to have suited her character perfectly in terms of image. As a result of her dropping out, another actress who was already part of the cast was reshuffled to her role.

BIBI’s agency briefly stated to the media that she had pulled out due to scheduling conflicts. Netizens and fans of the show are not buying it. Some guess that she was cut from the role or pulled herself out after reaching her limits with her acting skills. Others call out her agency for being irresponsible for accepting the role in the first place if the busy schedule is true. They also express concern for the stressed-out artiste.

Netizens’ response to the news. | theqoo

  • “But why would they even accept a schedule that was that difficult for her to fit in only to pull out after beginning filming… If she quit after just one week, it means that they should’ve already made the judgement beforehand that it would be a stretch for her to do this. She looks like she’s already having a hard time from too many schedules so her company should sign on work for her while looking out for her at the same time. Isn’t it just worse for BiBi to pull out like this?”
  • “People can be curious about what’s going on. Even on her lives, she seemed to be having a hard time with her busy schedule.”
  • “She’ll settle it herself I guess”
  • “Probably her acting wasn’t up to par.”

It’s not the first time that an actress has dropped out of a project half-way. Park Hye Eun dropped out of Alchemy of Souls after a few filmings as it was agreed between her and the production team that she might not be ready for a leading role. On the other hand, BIBI has also been raising concern for her increasingly stressed behavior.

Source: theqoo