Big Hit Music Staff’s Hilarious Way To Ensure ARMYs Don’t Freeze During BTS RM’s Intimate Concert

They know the fans way too well.

On December 5, BTS‘s RM held an exclusive concert where he performed his new songs from Indigo and some of his older releases, including “Persona” and “Sexy Nukim.” Only 200 lucky ARMYs were picked through a raffle to get a ticket to the show, and it’s safe to say that the rest of the fandom could barely hide the envy.

As if the intimate show itself wasn’t enough, the attendees also got some very thoughtful goodies as gifts, which included a handwritten letter from RM! While ARMYs were busy screaming along to “That should be me” in the corner, Big Hit Music’s hilarious gesture immediately brought the funny bones into action.

Some of the attendees from the show posted that Big Hit staff gave out hot packs to all the 200 ARMYs at the venue since the weather is currently freezing in South Korea. But the team had to take additional measures to ensure the people actually used the hot packs to keep warm. They told the audience members not to attach any meaning to the item and use it to stay warm instead of taking it back as a souvenir.

The host: We’re giving it to you because it’s cold. Don’t attach any special meanings to the hotpacks. Just open and use it!

—Big Hit Music staff at the Rolling Hall

This one gesture was enough to make the fans feel extremely “seen.” Many admitted that they probably would’ve taken it home instead of using it as a memory of this rare and up-close encounter with RM. Some even pointed out that they managed to preserve the McDonald’s packaging from the BTS meal, so this was not an exceptionally far-off possibility.

It looks like it’s not just BTS who know their ARMYs well. Big Hit staff also does their homework diligently.


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