BIGBANG’s Daesung’s Building Embroiled In Illegal Business And Prostitution Scandal

His building is home to 5 different illegal businesses.

A building owned by BIGBANG’s Daesung has been revealed to been a home for prostitution and adult entertainment since he purchased the building before he enlisted in the military.

In an investigation by Channel A, they discovered the illegal actions that were being conducted at the building, including illegal business and prostitution.

Daesung purchased the building in the heart of Gangnam in November 2017 for 31 billion KRW. Currently, rent costs are estimated at a staggering 100 million KRW per month. The part of the building that is under investigation are the basement and the 5th to 8th floors, which claim to be home to a photo studio and restaurants. However, when approached from the outside, there were no signs for what the 5th to 8th floors contained, and the elevator also did not have buttons to these floors.

In particular, the 8th floor, where the photo studio is supposed to be, it is covered by an iron door and guests can’t normally enter. Channel A was able to ask other business owners in the area about the operations of the 8th floor.

It’s a bar. It’s only open at night.

There’s a strange bar. Women who go there are driving foreign cars. It’s like a room salon.

— Plastic Surgeon Clinic Owner, Real Estate Office Owner

At night, many people begin to gather around the building. Luxury cars arrive at the valet parking and the 5th to 8th floors that were dark during the day begin to light up. Women came out of the building and greeted the groups of men. Channel A attempted to have a reporter enter the venue, but they were denied access as the venue is member invite only.

However, an informant from inside the bar told Channel A that the place is a prostitution shop.

It’s not true that all 5 floors are used by the same person. The only thing is that each floor has a different business owner. There are girls there that come with each place. It’s basically a secret prostitution shop…

— Informant

An employee from one of the adult entertainment shops in the building also shared their experiences.

Inside, we had 2 hours of fun. When they leave, they probably will do it (prostitution). If you pay by cash, it’s XX won. We will arrange for a hotel or motel room for an extra cost.

— Adult Entertainment Establishment “B” employee

More than half of the building is being used for illegal activities, but his real estate agent says he doesn’t know about it.

Daesung is only the building owner and he has nothing to do with the business operations. We are only aware of the businesses that provided a business license at the time of the building’s purchase.

If we confirm that there are illegal entertainment activities occurring, we will terminate out contract with the tenants.

— Daesung’s Real Estate agent

However, other real estate agents don’t believe that Daesung didn’t know about the prostitution and illegal activities going on.

He knew about it when buying it. 100%. We real estate agents do our due diligence and show the clients every floor of a building before they purchase it. Where in the world will you find a person who buys a building without knowing what is in it and looking at it.

— Real Estate agent

Even if Daesung didn’t know about what was happening in the building, it is still his responsibility to know what is going on inside it.

The landlord signed a contract with him. It is the owner’s responsibility to maintain the building as it was intended.

— Gangnam Office Building Department

The Gangnam-gu Office plans to crack down on Daesung’s building and take administrative action if there are any violations discovered.

Daesung's Building Scandal