45 People Involved With Daesung’s Building Taken To The Police

84 people in total were questioned and 45 were taken into custody.

The police continue to investigate BIGBANG Daesung‘s controversial building, and 45 people involved in the building were taken to the police station.

The police revealed that they are currently investigating the building for violations of the Food Sanitation law, prostitution, and drug distribution. They’ve questioned 84 people during their investigation and 45 of them were taken into custody.

We are investigating the building owned by Daesung for violations of the Food Sanitation Law, prostitution, and drug distribution.

A total of 45 people were recruited, and 84 people including the reference were questioned.

— Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency


Back in August 4, the Seoul Gangnam Police seized and searched the building after suspicions of illegal nightlife operations were reported. The police analyzed all of the companies’ books and had begun focusing on 5 specific businesses that were located in Daesung’s building.

The investigative team attracted a lot of attention as it was assigned 12 members, including officials from customs and drug investigations.


Daesung had previously written that he was not aware of the illegal operations that took place in his building since he enlisted in the military merely 2 months after purchasing it. However, lawyers claimed that he was well aware of the illegal activity.

Daesung is expected to be discharged from the military in November.

Source: The Celeb

Daesung's Building Scandal

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