Daesung’s Building Shows More Evidence That Support Accusations Of Illegal Activities

Reporters discover something strange about the elevators.

Daesung‘s controversial building continues to be investigated by the press as more alleged evidence about prostitution and illegal activities were discovered.

The Entertainment Weekly team personally visited the building and interviewed the workers and visitors coming in and out of the building. One witness claimed that the elevator was strictly regulated by the security on a regular basis and was even manually operated during the evening.

Loud noises came from the building when it became night. Women who appeared to be prostitutes would go in. The illegally run businesses have been here since before and have been operating until recently.

When it became night, the security would guard the entrance and not let anyone in. He also manually operated the elevator.

— Witness


The investigative reporters asked an elevator expert to ask if it were possible to manually control the elevators. The expert claimed that the building’s elevator was created so that it can be controlled by a remote. In order for this to work, the system had to be installed and only the building owner is allowed to get it installed.

It appeared that the security had a stricter control over the building’s elevator as the illegal businesses were located on the 1st-floor basement and top floors from 5th to 8th. The businesses were listed as restaurants, regular office space, and a photography studio.


However, these businesses are now completely shut off by a thick metal door when you try to reach these floors.


A real estate specialist also claimed that Daesung probably knew about these illegal activities. He said it was skeptical that someone would buy such an expensive building without getting a full detail on what kind of businesses are run by the tenants.

The buyer always looks at the list of tenants before signing the contract. It makes no sense [that Daesung wouldn’t have known] unless someone else bought the building under his name.

When you purchase a building worth 30 billion won, you’re going to be focused on the building’s profits. Since buildings are bought after a thorough check over, it’s nearly impossible to buy a building without knowing what kind of businesses are run there.

— Real Estate Specialist


Ever since his building was accused of being a hot spot for prostitution and illegal activities, Daesung apologized to his fans and explained he was not aware of what was going on in the building. He claimed he will take the proper legal actions but has reportedly listed the building up for sale.

Daesung's Building Scandal