Daesung Reportedly Put His Controversial Building Up For Sale At 40 Billion Won

He’ll be making a huge profit.

BIGBANG‘s Daesung has reportedly put his building up for sale after his recent controversy where prostitution and illegal activities allegedly took place. He had originally purchased the building back in 2017 for around 35 billion won (~$30 million USD). He has priced his building back on the market for 40 billion won (~$35 million USD), which means he will see about 5 billion won (~$4 million USD) in profits.


The public has been criticizing Daesung for allowing illegal activities to take place in his building. The controversy continued to grow as alleged insiders claim Daesung was well aware of what was happening in his building despite his claims that he was unaware after enlisting in the army 2 months after the purchase.

Channel A reported that the tenants were told the illegal activities would remain securely hidden as YG Entertainment is allegedly involved with the businesses that happened in the building. YG has denied these claims.

Daesung's Building Scandal