Businesses In BIGBANG Daesung’s Building Suspected Of Distributing Drugs To VIP’s

Drugs were distributed in Daesung’s building.

In a new report, Channel A has discovered that businesses inside BIGBANG’s Daesung’s building are suspected of distributing drugs.

In their report, one of their reporters pretended to be a customer and tried to get marijuana from a staff member at the adult entertainment establishment in Daesung’s building.

I’ll look into it. I know it’s something you need to live… Send me your phone number via text message.

— Adult Entertainment Establishment staff

The method that the staff members here use is that they are the connection between the drug distributor and the customer, and they can save their customer’s information. They have been supplying drugs to only VIP’s so they can avoid any crackdowns by police.

It’s at the waiter’s discretion (to supply drugs). There are people who can get them, there are people who can’t get them.

— Adult Entertainment Establishment staff

Police also obtained intelligence back in March that there were drugs being traded and distributed inside the building.

At the time, there was information that customers on the 5th floor of the building were getting and taking drugs that were brought in from overseas. We investigated the building manager and other people, but we closed the case because there was no basis on the suspicions.

— Police

However, following the news of the Channel A report, police are planning to once again look into whether there were drugs distributed on the building’s premises.

Daesung's Building Scandal