BIGBANG’s Daesung Cleared Of Charges On Illegal Business Conducted In His Building

He’s no longer a suspect.

BIGBANG‘s Daesung has been cleared of all suspicions against him.


The Seoul Gangnam Police Station has decided not to lay charges in their investigation of possible illegal business operations in Daesung’s building.

The idol was called into questioning last month as a witness. He reviewed documents and testimonies obtained through the results of a search and seizure.

During this time, Daesung stuck to his claim that he was unaware of illegal activities such as prostitution taking place in the building.

Police were unable to find any evidence for charging him, instead forwarding 5 business owners and 56 employees who worked in the building to prosecution. They have allegedly violated the Food Sanitation Act and Anti Prostitution Act.


Daesung purchased the Gangnam building in November 17, becoming embroiled in the controversy in July 2019. The building was demolished a few months later as investigations were well underway.

Source: Naver

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