Daesung's Building Scandal

BIGBANG’s Daesung Cleared Of Charges On Illegal Business Conducted In His Building
He’s no longer a suspect.
Daesung Demanded To Pay An Extra 1.2 Billion Won In Tax For His Controversial Building
Daesung is facing hefty tax and loans.
BIGBANG Daesung’s Controversial Building To Be Demolished
It’s going under.
45 People Involved With Daesung’s Building Taken To The Police
84 people in total were questioned and 45 were taken into custody.
Daesung’s Building Shows More Evidence That Support Accusations Of Illegal Activities
Reporters discover something strange about the elevators.
Daesung Reportedly Put His Controversial Building Up For Sale At 40 Billion Won
He’ll be making a huge profit.
Lawyer Reveals Daesung’s Possible Sentence If He Was Aware Of Prostitution In His Building
The lawyer revealed how long Daesung could spend in jail.
Lawyer Claims BIGBANG’s Daesung Knew Prostitution Took Place In His Building Even Before He Bought It
“Daesung already knew where the prostitution was taking place in his building.”
Businesses In BIGBANG Daesung’s Building Suspected Of Distributing Drugs To VIP’s
Drugs were distributed in Daesung’s building.
Channel A Reveals More Details About Daesung’s Building’s Illegal Activities, Celeb Visits, And Tax Evasion
They revealed more details about what happened.
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