Lawyer Reveals Daesung’s Possible Sentence If He Was Aware Of Prostitution In His Building

The lawyer revealed how long Daesung could spend in jail.

A lawyer has revealed BIGBANG Daesung‘s possible sentence if it turns out that he was aware of the prostitution that took place in his building.

July 30th’s episode of Access Showbiz Tonight focused on the controversies surrounding Daesung’s 31 billion KRW (~$26 million USD) building. When businesses in his building were suspected of prostitution and drug distribution, Daesung responded by claiming that he was not aware of any illegal businesses.


A real estate expert, however, stated that signing a contract without seeing the inside of the building was impossible.

It makes no sense to sign a contract without seeing the inside. The sales contract is signed and the balance given after confirming the offices on site.

ㅡ Real estate expert


According to a lawyer, it is difficult to punish a building owner for knowing about an adult entertainment establishment being run in a general restaurant or an office, but if prostitution was also solicited, the building owner could be subject to a strict penalty.

It is difficult to give criminal punishment even if the building owner knew about an adult entertainment business in a general restaurant or office. If the building owner leased an office to a person running a business that solicits prostitution and keeps silent about it, the building owner can be subject to up to 7 years in prison, 7 million KRW (~$5,920 USD) in penalties or a penalty tax that is equivalent to that amount. The key part is whether or not he knew about the prostitution.

ㅡ Lawyer


According to the real estate expert, Daesung may also have been evading tax.

Adult entertainment businesses, recreational facilities or hostess bars have a high property tax. Acquisition tax is also very high. There may have been tax evasion.

ㅡ Real estate expert


Meanwhile, the Gangnam Police Station is currently thoroughly investigating Daesung’s case to reveal the truth.

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