Channel A Reveals More Details About Daesung’s Building’s Illegal Activities, Celeb Visits, And Tax Evasion

They revealed more details about what happened.

BIGBANG‘s Daesung has been thrust into the spotlight after it was revealed a building under his ownership was home to several illegal businesses, and even shops for prostitution. In response, he released his apology and promised to take action, also claiming that he never knew about what happened there.

BIGBANG’s Daesung Apologizes For Building Scandal, Promises To Take Legal Action

However, a CEO of an adult entertainment establishment contacted Channel A and called out Daesung for his response of he didn’t know, calling it “ridiculous”.

We think it’s ridiculous that Daesung came out to play the dummy and say he didn’t know what was going on.

The reason he says he doesn’t know is because his representative holds meetings with us at the building at night instead, and we go down and to a room and talk there…

— Adult Entertainment Establishment CEO

The same CEO also revealed that celebrities close to Daesung have visited their establishments.

However many celebrities there are that come to this building, many celebrities who get in touch with Daesung do come here…

— Adult Entertainment Establishment CEO

In response to these claims, Daesung’s representative said they would verify the legitimacy of the CEO’s claims, and release a statement afterwards.

Another issues that is surrounding Daesung’s building is the fact that it is has been registered under the category of general business since Daesung purchased it in 2017. As an adult entertainment establishment, the taxes Daesung has to pay is much higher than a normal business.

The Gangnam-gu Office will soon begin their investigations on the tax issue and if the allegations are confirmed, they will impose additional property taxes on Daesung.

The Gangnam-gu Office will also investigate the individual businesses inside the building, as they believe each establishment owner tried to circumvent the extra tax by registering their stores as a regular restaurant. Finally, they will also investigate whether or not Daesung misreported his rent income by comparing the rent paid to the contracts signed.

During the last part of their segment on Daesung’s building, Channel A revealed that there were 9 reports on the building in 2019 alone. Police launched a crackdown in an attempt to stop the activities, but business continued. An informant revealed it all to Channel A.

I was talking with the police officer that was dispatched and there were 40-50 girls that were heading to work at the building, but they couldn’t even get one of them…

— Informant “A”

Daesung's Building Scandal