BIGBANG’s Daesung Apologizes For Building Scandal, Promises To Take Legal Action

He has apologized.

BIGBANG‘s Daesung has released his apology for his building scandal and has promised to take legal action against any businesses that are found to be committing illegal acts.

BIGBANG’s Daesung’s Building Embroiled In Illegal Business And Prostitution Scandal

In his statement, he apologized for his inability to manage the building properly and will take legal action against those who are doing illegal activities.

Hello, this is Daesung!

I would like to express my sincerest apologies for the fact the first time I am greeting you from the military is due to a matter that caused everyone to worry.

The building that is involved in the reports is a building that is under my name and I purchased it right before I entered the military. Because I joined the military almost immediately after purchasing the building, my management of the building was poor and I would like to sincerely apologize for that as well.

At the time of the purchase of the building, the current tenants were already operating their businesses in the building, so I was not aware of any forms of illegal businesses.  I will take legal action against any businesses that have been found to have committed illegal acts immediately, and I will do my best to take responsibility as the owner of the building.

Even though it is late, I am deeply reflecting on my short-comings.

I will faithfully carry out my responsibilities to [correct] these errors. Thank you.

— Daesung

Daesung is currently serving in the military and is scheduled to be discharged on November 11, 2019.

Daesung's Building Scandal