G-Dragon Was Going To Re-Sign With YG Entertainment… But Then They Royally Messed Up

Everything wasn’t what it seemed.

On December 21, BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon surprised everyone by not renewing his contract with YG Entertainment and instead signing a new contract with Galaxy Corporation. Media outlet Sports Seoul released a report explaining how a major mistake on YG Entertainment’s part caused these events.

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon

As YG Entertainment handled contract renewal negotiations with the four members of BLACKPINK, they were also in talks with G-Dragon about his future with the company. Sports Seoul previously shared reports of YG Entertainment and G-Dragon nearing a contract renewal after multiple negotiations. However, everything wasn’t what it seemed.

Upon further investigation, Sports Seoul confirmed that G-Dragon was, in fact, very close to sealing the deal with YG Entertainment. A rough contract had been drafted and all he had to do was sign.

— Sports Seoul

As a result of another celebrity’s allegations, G-Dragon came under investigation for drug abuse. In response to the news, YG Entertainment claimed they couldn’t “publicly respond as the artist is currently not signed with the label.” YG Entertainment’s tendency to be tight-lipped with its statements backfired terribly in this case.

G-Dragon at the Incheon Police Station.

Although an industry insider said it wouldn’t have been wise for YG Entertainment to support G-Dragon amid those allegations, the artist found support elsewhere.

One insider commented, ‘From YG Entertainment’s perspective, coming to G-Dragon’s defense must have been impossible as Producer Yang Hyun Suk was already under investigation with the prosecution.’

— Sports Seoul

As G-Dragon battled the allegations against him, the CEO of Galaxy Corporation came to his aid. Also acting as a close friend to the idol, Choi Yong Ho offered legal advice on how to handle the matter.

Galaxy Corporation’s CEO, Choi Yong Ho, is a 1989-born, a year younger than G-Dragon. The two have been close for a while. When G-Dragon was accused of having done drugs, Choi was the one who stepped up to protect him and share legal advice with him.

— Sports Seoul

Because of the support he received, there were reports that G-Dragon would be signing with Galaxy Corporation instead. Even though YG Entertainment founder Yang Hyun Suk was said to be angry by the reports and tried to get G-Dragon to reconsider, his attempt failed.

Shortly after, it was reported that G-Dragon signed with Galaxy Corporation. It is also said that Producer Yang Hyun Suk was upset about the news. Yang asked G-Dragon to consider signing with YG Entertainment after completely cutting ties with Galaxy Corporation.

— Sports Seoul

Yang Hyun Suk

As G-Dragon sorted through his options, he held off on making his final choice. According to Sports Seoul, they were the ones who helped the idol take that next step.

But G-Dragon was unable to cut ties with Galaxy Corporation, as Choi was the one who stayed by his side through the difficult times. G-Dragon postponed giving a definitive answer to either management for a while. It is assumed that he was also unhappy with YG Entertainment’s reaction to what he had gone through.

— Sports Seoul

After being cleared of all the charges without YG Entertainment’s support, industry insiders claimed that G-Dragon read Sports Seoul’s article about the news and finally decided to start fresh with Galaxy Corporation.

‘G-Dragon was weighing his options. Sports Seoul helped him make the final call.’ That’s what the entertainment industry insiders believe, after reading Sports Seoul’s 12/20 article headlined, ‘G-Dragon Cleared of Drug Charges, Likely To Return To YG Entertainment.’

— Sports Seoul

Source: Naver