BIGBANG Daesung’s Transformation Has Korea Lit For All The Right Reasons

VIPs are Very Impressed People at the moment.

BIGBANG member Daesung has netizens admiring how much he has changed.

Daesung in BIGBANG’s “Bang Bang Bang” Music Video | BigBang/YouTube

In Daesung’s recently released “Still Life” concept photo, the singer is seen with shoulder-length hair in a perm. The idol also showed off his sharp jawline to the delight of VIPs.

Daesung | @ygent_official/Twitter

For many fans, it was the first time in years seeing Daesung, who has been largely kept out of the public’s eye.

Daesung | Healing Camp/SBS

Fans were amazed by how much the idol has changed. In the photo that was released, the singer seems to have traded in his boyish charms for a much more mature and chiseled look.

Yoo Jae Suk (left) and Daesung (right) | Family Outing/SBS

Fans, in particular, are pointing out how much weight the idol seems to have lost only adding hype to the already sky-high expectations for the group.

BIGBANG’s latest comeback “Still Life”, will be released on April 5th. 

Source: Nate