BigHit Entertainment Releases Cryptic TXT Video Featuring Soobin

TXT continue to be mysterious.

BigHit Entertainment’s next tactic of promoting their new boy group, Tomorrow X Together (TXT) seems to be by releasing videos entitled “questioning films”.

The first instalment features TXT member Soobin whose eyes are the primary focus of the video. Soobin stares almost longingly at the camera throughout the video and is seen surrounded by flowers constantly.

There is morse code at the end of the video which is a prevailing theme of TXT’s debut, the morse code in this video spells out “Tomorrow” which is a reference to the name of the group.

It is likely that each of the other four members of TXT will have their own similar video as a countdown has started that ends 24 hours from the release of the video. You can watch Soobin’s full video below:

TXT's Debut