Billboard Under Fire For Not Including BTS V’s Teaser Video

ARMYs call out Billboard and trend “BTS is 7” on Twitter.

ARMYs call out Billboard after its latest video about BTS‘s new group photo teaser and included all the member’s teaser videos except for V.

| @BTS_official/Twitter

Billboard released a news video reporting on BTS’s first group teaser photo to promote their upcoming single “Butter.”

BTS’s first group teaser photo for “Butter” | @BIGHIT_MUSIC/Twitter

The video also covered the individual concept clips for each member, but ARMYs noticed that one member’s video was missing: V.

ARMYs flooded the tweet with responses saying “BTS is 7” and asked Billboard to fix their mistake. This isn’t the first time that ARMYs have trended “BTS is 7” due to a member being left out or cropped out of photos or videos, and ARMYs are tired of it.

Billboard has yet to address or respond to the issue.

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