What Did BLACKPINK Give Their 200 Lucky Fans At “Inkigayo”?

The members came up with a special idea to thank BLINKs.

BLACKPINK once again prove to be the most thoughtful queens following their recent pre-recording at SBSInkigayo.

BLACKPINK | YG Entertainment

BLACKPINK have made their much-anticipated comeback with “Pink Venom” after almost two years. Their return has been pretty much everything BLINKs could ask for, delivering not only yet another banger, but also visuals for days.

The members have received plenty of praise for going above and beyond for this comeback, with Jisoo‘s geomungo instructor even gushing about her professionalism onset, even when the scene of her playing the traditional Korean instrument was thrown in at the last minute.

Jisoo in BLACKPINK’s “Pink Venom” MV | BLACKPINK/YouTube

Yet, as if BLACKPINK’s efforts to make this a truly memorable comeback weren’t enough, they also chose to surprise some lucky fans with a special gift. Korean media reported that the members personally came up with the idea in order to show their gratitude to fans, so the 200 BLINKs who attended BLACKPINK’s pre-recording at Inkigayo were presented with a thoughtful bundle of gifts.

| theqoo

Each person received a three-tiered lunch box that included tofu sushi, salad, chicken, fruit, and dessert.

In addition to that, each fan received a juice, 4 photo cards, a handheld fan, and an Adidas t-shirt.

Given that this was the members’ own idea, it’s clear that BLINKs mean just as much to them as they mean to BLINKs! In fact, even after the pre-recording, they did not miss a single opportunity to interact with fans as much as possible, waving and joking around with them even when they were already in the car.

Even as her car drove away, Jisoo was still determinedly waving!

BLACKPINK has made “Pink Venom” a truly memorable moment for fans—and not just because they’re already breaking records. The members have all consistently shown their appreciation for BLINKs, and this is only another example of how just thoughtful they really are.

Source: theqoo and Top Star News