BLACKPINK’s Jennie Has A Failsafe Packing List To Keep Her Comfortable On All Plane Rides

Try it yourself.

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie sat down for an interview with Vogue Japan where she discussed everything from her personality off-stage to what she believes an icon is and even to the difficulties of being a mega star.


Related to the latter, she admitted that it isn’t easy to travel so much for work. BLACKPINK is currently on their BORN PINK world tour, visiting countries around the globe often within days of each other.

The group also has a multitude of schedules in between ranging from Coachella to solo interviews, red carpet events, and in Jennie’s case, even acting.

Her secret to being able to last this long with such a busy calendar is related to the items she carries with her on the plane.

[I take] a pillow, a sleeping mask, and an iPad. And I always carry a lip balm with me because my lips are often chapped.

— Jennie

By keeping things that she likes with her, she brings a piece of home with her every time she goes to an unfamiliar place.

When you’re in a new place, the unfamiliarity of your surroundings can be overwhelming, so it’s helpful to make your environment as much like your home and your room as possible. My tip is to bring your own pillow, pajamas, and aromatic oils to help you relax.

— Jennie

Moreover, bringing a positive mindset goes a long way in being able to tackle anything that comes her way.

If you believe in yourself more than anyone else and work hard, you will definitely make things happen one way or another. A positive mindset is key, and filling your mind with positive thoughts can help you stay motivated. If you focus on the positive and look for solutions, you’ll find tough situations easier to overcome.

— Jennie

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Source: Vogue Japan