BLACKPINK Jennie’s Recent Scenes In “The Idol” Have Netizens Torn About Her Character

Many believe it’s because of Jennie’s acting!

While BLACKPINK‘s Jennie has been starring in the controversial HBO show The Idol, her recent scenes have netizens torn about her character, Dyanne!

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In the first few episodes, while Jennie hasn’t had much screen time, the focus had been on a more sexy side to the idol, especially taking in her experiences of being an idol when it came to dancing scenes and explicit language.

Jennie in the first episode | HBO
Jennie’s sexy dance scene | HBO 

Well, it seems like the recent episode has changed that perception and showcased a different side of Jennie.

As predicted in previous episodes, the record label executives had their eyes on Dyanne after seeing her performance. Jennie’s role starts as she is waiting to meet the big wigs of the company, and even without any words, the hesitation and apprehension are clear.

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Despite the belief that Dyanne was using Jocelyn to get an opportunity that she thought she deserved, Jennie’s acting made the character seem more nervous and innocent. She was someone in a meeting that could potentially change her life, not out to sabotage her friend.

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Later in the episode, Dyanne goes to meet Jocelyn, who seems to be very emotional.

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If Dyanne was such a villain, many were shocked when she came clean to Jocelyn about everything that had happened. Whether it was asking to step into her role during a performance…

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To everything with the record deal, where Dyanne even revealed she hadn’t accepted and wasn’t going to until she’d spoken to Jocelyn.

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Her acting has gained attention because of the praise she’s receiving and how it’s impacting people’s perceptions of Dyanne. In one TikTok video, a user shared how Jennie’s character radiated “Villain” vibes after taking the recording contract.


I wasnt expecting that 💀

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While some believe Dyanne’s villain arc is still the case, the TikTok comments believe that painting her as the perfect bad guy just isn’t working. In particular, many share that they feel their sympathies towards Dyanne and that rather than using her friend, she was making the most of her opportunities.

Many pointed out that Jennie’s acting allowed the character of Dyanne to have more layers than just a typical villain. Jennie portrayed a much deeper character with internal conflicts through her words, mannerisms, and facial expressions.

While Jennie’s time on The Idol started with controversy, focusing on the star’s “sexy” scenes, Jennie is showcasing her versatility and acting to the point where netizens are doubting the character’s original description.

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