One Lucky Fan Shows Just How Kind-Hearted BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Is

Jisoo also once again showed her never-ending love of Hello Kitty.

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo has often been praised for her immense kindness toward fans, like when she recently made sure she was properly able to communicate with them during a fan meeting.


And Jisoo’s fans certainly love her too, with massive crowds queuing to try and catch a glimpse of the idol at Paris Fashion Week.

Their wait to see Jisoo was definitely worth it, as the idol was the stunning main event at the Dior show, showcasing her ethereal visuals. And Jisoo also made sure to interact with her fans, showing her immense kindness.

But aside from showing her kind-hearted personality by greeting fans, one fan, in particular, noticed Jisoo’s subtle but lovely gesture. This fan had gifted Jisoo a Hello Kitty keychain since Jisoo’s love of Hello Kitty is well-known.

Not only did Jisoo include her adorable Hello Kitty-themed nails in BLACKPINK’s “Shut Down” teaser poster, but she’s spoken to fans about collecting Hello Kitty items and even met Hello Kitty at Universal Studios.

Given her love of all things Hello Kitty, Jisoo’s fan gifted her the adorable key chain. Although the fan likely wasn’t expecting anything to come of their gift, Jisoo clearly loved it since the fan realized that the idol had attached the key chain to her Dior purse.

| @jennylcr_/Twitter

| @jennylcr_/Twitter

Fans were impressed (but not surprised) at the idol’s way of treasuring gifts from fans.

And since this fan was definitely lucky, with her gift about to travel the world with the idol…

Other fans were taking notes about gifts they could give Jisoo in the future.

Jisoo definitely loves her fans just as much as they love her.