Can Men And Women Be Just Friends? BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Answers The Controversial Question

She feels strongly about this! 🤣

On a recent episode of “My Alcohol Diary,” BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo joined host Lee Young Ji to discuss all kinds of topics from the members’ alleged feuds with each other to her ideal type of man.

Just like many fans are curious to know, Jisoo was asked about her ideal type. Of course, Young Ji couldn’t resist joking around with her, first!

Rather than getting into her specific type, Jisoo explained her firm belief on relationships and friendships between men and women.

Some people say that a man and woman can be friends but I disagree with it. I really mean this.

— Jisoo

As a result, she doesn’t have many close male friends. Agreeing with Jisoo, Young Ji feels the same way that a man and a woman can’t stay “just friends” and will eventually lead to at least one party developing feelings for the other.

However, according to Jisoo, there is one exception to her rule!

But I can agree with it if they are friends for over 10 years. Because I heard that if someone does something for 10 years, he or she becomes an expert.

— Jisoo

Unless you are an “expert of being a male friend” by having only a friendship for over 10 years, than you’re in the clear! However, if it hasn’t been that long, then you don’t know where the friendship may go.

But if a man and woman have been friends for less than ten years, it feels uneasy.

— Jisoo

Do you agree with Jisoo? Check out what else she revealed below.

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