“Plot Twist”: BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Picks A New Representative Animal And Fans Have A Sneaking Suspicion Why

“Who would have thought the day would come…”

BLACKPINK Jisoo‘s representative animal has most commonly considered a rabbit. As Jisoo is both friendly and adorable, a rabbit seems to fit her perfectly.


And Jisoo herself seemed to indicate her preference in a representative animal when she gave herself a middle name.

(Left to right) BLACKPINK’s Rosé, Jisoo, Jennie, and Lisa 

Although she did clarify that you can’t only call her Turtle.

But while fans were confident in referring to Jisoo as a rabbit, the idol may have a new animal she believes suits her better.

Jisoo recently played the balance game with Marie Claire Korea. In the balance game, the players choose their preferred choice out of two possible options.

| Marie Claire Korea/YouTube 

While fans could expect Jisoo’s answers for a question like black or pink…

| Marie Claire Korea/YouTube 

They were surprised by the idol’s unexpected animal choice between puppy or rabbit.

| Marie Claire Korea/YouTube 

Either option would have made sense for Jisoo Turtle Rabbit Kim since she has an adorable dog Dalgom. But rather than selecting either of the options, Jisoo unexpectedly chose “a cat.

| Marie Claire Korea/YouTube 

Although Jisoo is certainly curious and loyal to those she’s close to, her answer may also be explained by her most recent, unexpected MBTI result. As she’s become more introverted, maybe she more closely identifies with a cat than a rabbit.

| Marie Claire Korea/YouTube 

However, fans have a sneaking suspicion that there’s another reason Jisoo might have chosen cat…

Her love for Hello Kitty.

Jisoo has never hidden her love for all things Hello Kitty, whether that’s her enthusiastic sharing of new merchandise or excitedly showing off getting to meet her “idol.”

| @sooyaaa__/Instagram

She was even a successful fan on her birthday, with the official Hello Kitty account sending her birthday wishes.

Regardless, Jisoo’s choice was definitely a surprise.

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Source: Marie Claire Korea