If BLACKPINK Were Animals, Here’s What The Members Said They’d Each Be

Do you know what Lisa is?

As BLACKPINK‘s Twitter hashflags showed, the members can all be represented by an emoji. Jisoo is an angry (but cute) monster while Rosé is a dainty flower.

The emojis would be slightly different, however, if they were limited to their animal images only. In a recent interview for their “How You Like That” comeback, BLACKPINK answered what animal they think they’d each represent.

Check them out below!

1. Lisa

Lisa was the easiest member to identify. Besides looking like a black cat with her dark hair and sensual dancing, she is also a mom to many cats herself!

Whenever I see Lisa, I naturally think of cats because she raises four cats.

– Jisoo

The main dancer lovingly takes care of Leo, Luca, Lily, and Louis despite her full schedule.

She may be hanging out with them so much, she’s starting to look like a cat herself!

2. Rosé

Next up is BLACKPINK’s main vocal. Like with Lisa, Rosé is another furry animal. In fact, Jennie picked her as BLACKPINK’s resident squirrel.

We have our representative chaengrami!

– Jennie

A play on Rosé’s real name, Chaeyoung, and the Korean word for squirrel, daramjwi, the idol even looks like the small and cute creature.

3. Jisoo

Meanwhile, Jisoo is a rabbit because of her adorable and friendly nature. She can easily mimic the small bites that rabbits do when eating.

She also wore a rabbit onesie to the airport in the past, solidifying their resemblance.

They definitely look alike!

4. Jennie

Finally, Jennie was the toughest one to pick. The members ended up not having their main rapper represent any animal as the thing she resembles best is…


How about food? She’s a dumpling.

– Jisoo

Like her hashflag, Jennie is popular for looking like a dumpling with her puffy cheeks. She may not be an animal, but she’s represented all the same.

A cat, a squirrel, a rabbit, and a dumpling—it’s a full house of cuteness in BLACKPINK’s dorm!

Check out the full video below!