BLACKPINK’s Lisa Is Mobbed By Fans After BVLGARI Paris Event

This kind of behavior is unacceptable.

Understandably, fans are always excited by the prospect of seeing their favorite idols in person, but one way that fans start to cross a line with the idol’s safety and comfort is when big groups mob idols. A typical occurrence in airports, fans have repeatedly spoken up about the dangerous situations.

Like when BTS recently returned to Incheon Airport from their trip to the White House, where a massive crowd mobbed them.

Or when ENHYPEN returned from Germany after performing at KPop.Flex: to such an invasive situation, their bodyguards had to resort to physical force to move fans.

Stray KidsBang Chan recently addressed the dangers of crowds invading idols’ personal space in an episode of Chan’s Room. After a recent return from Jeju Island, Bang Chan separated from his members to let their bodyguards focus on protecting the rest of Stray Kids.

If everyone respected [personal] space, none of this would have happened… gotta be careful. People can get hurt. I mean, not just us, but other artists as well. So hope it gets fixed. But besides that I’m fine, I’m completely fine so don’t worry about that.

-Bang Chan

Bang Chan | Stray Kids/VLIVE

Of course, there are examples of fans who completely respect their idols’ space, like NCTzens’ recent “orderly manner” with which they greeted NCT 127, who were traveling to Japan for their NEO CITY: JAPAN – THE LINK tour.

NCT 127 | @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

The fans at the airport were so respectful that rather than worrying about his safety, Jaehyun could focus on simply being “so happy to see them.”

But unfortunately, BLACKPINK‘s Lisa was not so fortunate after a recent BVLGARI event in Paris.

Lisa | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

The idol recently attended the BVLGARI’s Eden The Garden of Wonders Event as one of the luxury brand’s ambassadors. She stunned fans with her breathtaking visuals and received the “golden girl” treatment she deserves.

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

But while walking around the city, Lisa got ambushed by a massive crowd of fans who were desperate to take pictures of and get near the idol.

In videos, Lisa is first seen happily greeting fans who initially give her space and room to walk…

| @lalalisa0397/TikTok

But then the fans become braver, pushing in front of the idol’s bodyguards and blocking her path.

| @lalalisa0397/TikTok

With one fan even reaching past the bodyguards to try and make a heart with Lisa.

| @lalalisa0397/TikTok
@lalalisa0397 หน้าพี่การ์ดอย่างโหด #lisa #blackpink ♬ fearless x longway2go antewoo mashup – antewoo

 Another video showed just how chaotic the scene was…

| @itsdidibitches2/Twitter 

And how uncomfortable Lisa looked.

| @itsdidibitches2/Twitter 

Fans were understandably worried about Lisa’s safety.

And pointed out that this behavior is the exact reason that BLACKPINK tend to travel privately as much as possible.

Fans pointed out that even though Lisa tried to smile for fans, it’s clear that she felt incredibly uncomfortable.

And true fans of the group are hoping that other fans will start learning to treat their idols with respect, giving them the space to feel comfortable and safe.

Hopefully, fans will learn and stop putting idols in these dangerous positions.

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