BLACKPINK Lisa’s House Is Haunted, But The Ghost Has An Unusual Habit

This isn’t her only encounter with the paranormal.

BLACKPINK are no strangers to paranormal experiences. Although some of their stories are funny, like when Jennie mistook Lisa for a ghost, the members have also shared experiences of possible paranormal encounters, like when Rosé was surprised by a loud noise after sharing that she doesn’t believe in ghosts.

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Jisoo and Lisa have even revealed that their old dorm used to be haunted. Jisoo once saw a white hand among the clothes in their closet, while Lisa had heard banging on their wardrobe and suffered sleep paralysis.

Jisoo scared while ziplining on BLACKPINK House

While Lisa has shared in the past that she’s afraid of ghosts to the extent that she can have difficulty sleeping


The idol recently opened up about a new possibly paranormal experience she’s had, one that indicates that her current apartment might be haunted, in an interview with KIISFM radio’s JoJo.

Lisa: I think I have one [a paranormal story]. I would love to tell you guys.

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According to Lisa, she has a garbage can that opens and closes with a sensor you wave your hand in front of.

Lisa: It’s in my computer room. At the back, there’s a garbage, a sensor garbage. That it just [opens] when you [move your hand] around there.

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The first time her garbage can opened by itself, Lisa assumed that one of her cats had triggered the sensor, only to look back and not see them in the room. And the garbage can kept opening while she was there.

Lisa: So I was sitting, [doing] YouTube stuff, and then suddenly, at the back, it just [opening sound effect]. And I was like, “Maybe my cat just, you know, walked past. I mean, meh.” So I looked back, and there’s no one. And it just keeps [opening] like every five or ten minutes.

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And while Lisa doesn’t know why a ghost would be so intent on continually opening her garbage can…

JoJo: Is there a history to the room? Or maybe there’s a very tidy ghost that likes to throw things away?

Lisa: I don’t know.

JoJo: That’d be handy, right?

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She has gotten used to the continued irregular openings, assuming that it might be the ghost’s way of entertaining themself.

Lisa: But I get used to it, I get used to it now. So I hear it every day.

JoJo: So it still does it?

Lisa: Yeah… I just leave it like that. It’s like, “Oh, okay, maybe they’re bored.”

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Fortunately, the ghost haunting Lisa’s house is simply bored, so the idol can rest peacefully at night.

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BLACKPINK’s Lisa & Jisoo Reveal Their Previous Dorm was Haunted

Source: 102.7KIISFM


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