BLACKPINK’s Lisa Earns Praise For The Seamless Way She Overcame A Wardrobe Malfunction During “BORN PINK” In Las Vegas

“Kept performing like the pro she is…”

BLACKPINK recently wrapped their Las Vegas encore BORN PINK show, following two performances at MetLife in New Jersey.

(From left:) BLACKPINK’s Rosé, Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo | @BLACKPINK/Twitter

With the completion of their show in Las Vegas, the talented group officially performed 62 concerts on their second world tour, which was recently extended to 66 total shows with the addition of two encore shows in Seoul.

Throughout the tour, the members have stunned existing fans and made new ones with their performance, visuals, and showmanship.

BLACKPINK at “Coachella 2023” | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Despite the months and countless hours spent rehearsing for the show, the live element of any stage performance for any artist means there is a risk of things not going according to plan.

Numerous times on tour, the BLACKPINK members each showcased their professionalism by overcoming technical difficulties, wardrobe malfunctions, inclement weather, injuries, and more.

The most recent instance was during their Vegas show when Lisa experienced a wardrobe malfunction while performing the group’s debut-era song, “Whistle.”

As maknae Lisa did her iconic choreography down the venue’s runway during her rap, the buckled accessory over her top came undone, sliding off her shoulder.

Without missing a beat or a lyric, Lisa slid the strap back over her shoulder, holding it in place while still performing with her hands and incorporating her quick wardrobe fix into the choreography.

Lisa’s smooth save quickly went viral, earning thousands of likes across multiple tweets showing her impressive performance as BLINKs praised her professionalism.

This isn’t the first time Lisa made a wardrobe malfunction look intentional with the effortless way she professionally handled the situation.

Check out another time BLINKs praised her “sexy” and “smooth” way of handling the situation during the BORN PINK tour in the article below!

BLACKPINK’s Lisa Handles A Wardrobe Malfunction In The Most Skillful Way