Starbucks Thailand Announces Launch Of Special Merchandise In Collaboration With BLACKPINK

Who’s excited for this collab?

Starbucks Thailand has decided to release special merchandise using BLACKPINK’s logo. They plan on releasing cute tumblers and glasses with BLACKPINK’s heart logo in two colors. Although the group does not directly promote the brand or the merchandise, the value of the collection has been increased by the expansion of the IP business. 

Fans’ reactions are already through the roof due to pre-leaked photos on social media. Although it is known that this special merchandise can only be purchased at Starbucks in Thailand, fans from all over the world are requesting to have a BLACKPINK X Starbucks collaboration.

On the other hand, BLACKPINK is currently celebrating their fifth debut anniversary with a 4+1 PROJECT. They plan to continuously release special content including a movie and a limited edition photo book.

Source: jtbc and Image