Blockberry Creative Gets Criticized For Allegedly Promoting A Trainee In The Midst Of Finance Troubles

She is the only picture on their new Instagram account.

Previously, Blockberry Creative made headlines for reportedly facing financial difficulties. According to numerous media sources, the agency responsible for girl group LOONA “has been facing financial difficulties for a few months,” as they struggle to pay their “taxes, salaries, external businesses and more.”

LOONA | Blockberry Creative

As LOONA fans try to figure out what’s next for the girl group, Blockberry Creative has come under fire for seemingly trying to promote a new trainee in the midst of their ongoing financial troubles. The label recently opened up an Instagram account to promote what netizens believe will be an upcoming project girl group.

With a series of photos, Blockberry Creative’s new Instagram account @bbcanotherworld shared an enticing caption with its followers introducing trainee Choi Ye Young.

Hello, it’s Ye Young. I miss all of you guys. Since there’s a transition of seasons, please be careful not to catch a cold!!

— Trainee Choi Ye Young @bbcanotherworld/Instagram

Along with some of the trainee’s selfies, there were four different handwritten letters uploaded as well. One in Korean, one in Japanese, one in Mandarin, and one in English.

Hi everyone:) It’s Ye Young! Thank you for the love from all over the world. I’m reading every message you sent me. ‘Girls Planet 999’ means a lot to me. I learned so much from the show. Also, I was really happy to have an opportunity to be with 98 lovely girls. Above all, thank you for your support. Because of that, I was able to gain courage again. I will continue to work hard for my dream so please look forward to it. Thank you.

— Trainee Choi Ye Young’s English letter @bbcanotherworld/Instagram

Choi Ye Young’s poster for “Girls Planet 999” | Mnet

Choi Ye Young recently started to gain recognition after participating in the Mnet survival program Girls Planet 999 as one of the Korean contestants. While she was unfortunately eliminated, netizens believe that Blockberry Creative is gearing up for some type of project girl group with her in it.

| Mnet

However, due to the agency’s ongoing financial difficulties that were reported earlier this month, many LOONA fans have started to criticize the label for promoting a new trainee in the midst of their ongoing troubles.

Reddit user shared the news about Blockberry Creative’s alleged new Instagram account with their fellow online community users. They then revealed some additional details about Choi Ye Young’s post, which supposedly confirms the legitimacy of the label’s new social media account.

| @lowelled/Reddit

Following the original poster’s upload, dozens of fellow Reddit users began to comment their thoughts on the situation. This LOONA fan called out the label, asking how they plan on promoting a new girl group “with what money.”

| @butterflybyloona/Reddit

Another netizen also expressed their concerns for LOONA and the ongoing situation.

| @ch03rry/Reddit

This particular Choi Ye Young fan begged the trainee to “get out” of the agency.

| @jusbball808/Reddit

Another netizen couldn’t help but pinpoint Blockberry Creative’s debt situation after reading about the label’s project girl group rumors.

| @CloverClubx/Reddit

And while nothing has been confirmed nor denied in the midst of the ongoing speculations, the creation of a new Instagram account has stirred up quite a response from netizens who believe that something is brewing within Blockberry Creative’s walls. Stay tuned for further updates.

Source: Reddit


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