From Lawsuit To BL Actor: The Rollercoaster Journey Of “Boys Planet” Kim Jiwoong Who Is Gaining Attention For His Dazzling Visuals

Despite his confidence, Jiwoong’s journey hasn’t always been the easiest!

Mnet recently started airing their newest reality show Boys Planet, where trainees are battling for a chance to debut in a new group. Yet, while many of the trainees are unknown to fans, some have already debuted and are popular amongst netizens.

Recently, one contestant has captured the hearts of netizens and everyone on the show, and here’s everything you need to know about him!

“Boys Planet” poster | Mnet

Even before the series had started, there was one contestant who was already gaining attention after being familiar to many fans. It was none other than Kim Jiwoong, a former boy group member and currently working as an actor.

Kim Jiwoong | @official_kimjiwoong/Instagram

| @official_kimjiwoong/Instagram

In the show’s recent episode, it was time for netizens to get officially introduced to Kim Jiwoong, and it isn’t surprising that he became a hot topic instantly.

As soon as the 98′ liner entered the stage with his fellow trainees from his company, the rest of the contestants were whipped for Jiwoong’s visuals.

Even the mentors had to take a double take at the trainee after seeing his aura on stage…

Of course, along with his visuals, Jiwoong wowed with his talent in a performance of “MIROTIC” by TVXQ. With the perfect sexiness about him and the outfits, it isn’t surprising that everyone was obsessed with the performance.

Yet, despite his handsome good looks and talent being noticed by both the contestants and judges (not to mention netizens), Kim Jiwoong’s journey in the industry has not been the easiest.

As mentioned during the show, Jiwoong first debuted in 2016 as part of the boy group INX. Unsurprisingly, they immediately caught the attention of fans with their visuals and talent.

| INX Official/YouTube

| INX Official/YouTube   

Sadly, INX became a hot topic for the worst after the members filed a lawsuit against the company. The group revealed that they had been mistreated by their company, which had stopped providing support for basic necessities like food and accommodation. It was also revealed that the CEO frequently insulted and threatened the members.

The members of INX

Luckily, the members managed to win their lawsuit, and the contract was canceled.

Unsurprisingly, considering his love for the industry, Jiwoong continued to try and keep being an idol. Along with debuting in pre-debut groups B.I.T and ATEEN, he went on to participate in the survival reality, Burn Up 30.

It was during Burn Up 30 that Kim Jiwoong showcased his unreal dancing ability…


In 2021, Jiwoong seemingly changed his direction and started pursuing a career in acting.

His first major role was as Yoon Chi Woo in the series The Sweet Blood. Jiwoong played a vampire, and he captured the hearts of viewers with his unreal visuals and sexiness on the screen.

Korean society is still traditional with its views on sexuality, but Jiwoong joined a list of idols ready to break that prejudice by starring in BL series as the lead role.

Jiwoong gained attention after starring in the BL (Boys Love) series Kissable Lips, which the mentors mentioned. He once again plays a vampire who meets a human called Choi Min Hyun (played by Yoon Seo Bin) and starts to have feelings for him, trying to balance being a normal teenager and protecting the ones he cares for.


In 2022, he starred in another BL called Roommates of Poongduck 304. This time, Jiwoong played a rich chaebol who gets kicked out and has to try and live a normal life with the help of the owner Seo Jae Yoon (played again by Yoo Seo Bin.)


When the episode aired, as much as the contestants and mentors loved him, netizens couldn’t stop praising the idol. Yet, it wasn’t just for his visuals but his openness to talk about his projects and hardships throughout his career.

After a successful acting career and more roles anticipated, many fans of Jiwoong since his INX days are happy that he is continuing his dream to become an idol.

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