An Unexpected K-Pop Company That Dominates The “Boys Planet” Final Lineup For ZEROBASEONE (ZB1)

They make up almost half of the group!

Mnet‘s reality show Boys Planet finally came to an end with the nine contestants set to debut being revealed. Yet, something that has become a hot topic online following the final is the company most represented in the final lineup.

“Boys Planet” poster | Mnet

On April 20, the top nine contestants were revealed, and they would be debuting in the new group ZEROBASEONE. While many of the trainees’ placements weren’t surprising, some shocked fans with fan favorites moving down or losing the chance to debut, and a global trainee in the number one position.

The final nine trainees | Mnet

Yet, one thing that became a hot topic online was the companies of the trainees who made the final lineup. While the show started by showing trainees from many global companies, four out of the nine final contestants were from the same company: Yuehua Entertainment.

Yuehua Entertainment is a company is based in China and also expanded to have a base in South Korea. Well-known artists under the company include EVERGLOW and TEMPEST.

The members of EVERGLOW | @EVERGLOW_STAFF/Twitter
The members of TEMPEST | @TPST__Official/Twitter

The trainees from Yuehua include Han Yujin, who just managed to debut in ninth place…

Kim Gyuvin, who placed seventh…

Ricky, who placed fourth…

And finally, Zhang Hao shocked fans by becoming the first global trainee to get first place on a Mnet reality show.

In particular, it gained attention after Yuehua Entertainment posted a picture of all their trainees with the caption, “Thank you. Till now, this has been YUE HUAz.”

| Yuehua Entertainment

After realizing this, fans couldn’t hide their shock. While it’s not uncommon for trainees from the same company to debut in a reality show group, the fact that nearly half the group was from the same company was surprising.

by u/macintoshappless from discussion YUE HUA posted 8 YUE HUAz polaroid photos
in BoysPlanet

by u/cmq827 from discussion YUE HUA posted 8 YUE HUAz polaroid photos
in BoysPlanet

One user even pointed out that the company’s stocks seemed to rise after the show ended.

While Yuehua did have a large number of trainees audition for the show, they all got very far in the competition, and to have so many idols from one company is still unheard of.

You can read the full results of the show below.

Introducing The Final 9 Members Of “Boys Planet” New Group ZEROBASEONE (ZB1)

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