THE BOYZ Become First 4th Generation Boy Group To Win Every Music Show

THE BOYZ’s win on “Inkigayo” with “Maverick” helps them set a new record for 4th generation K-Pop boy groups

Even after a great run on music shows with their August comeback “Thrill Ride,” which won them a total of five trophies, THE BOYZ have not slowed down. Their new comeback, “MAVERICK,” has now officially made THE BOYZ the first fourth generation boy group to win on all the major K-Pop music shows, including the notoriously difficult Inkigayo on SBS.

THE BOYZ at Inkigayo | @kpop_sbs/Twitter

This marks the first time the group wins on Inkigayo, which is an impressive achievement not only because of how challenging it is, but also because this time THE BOYZ were up against hugely popular artists IU and aespaβ€”both of whom have massive fan followings. It seems like even THE BOYZ themselves found it hard to believe that they won when the announcement was made!

As a matter of fact, Sunwoo said that the members had told themselves not to have too many expectations for Inkigayo, which makes the win even more exciting for them. Fans are also naturally thrilled, and have shared in the excitement by posting about how proud they are of THE BOYZ. After two long years in which they competed in Road to Kingdom and Kingdom: Legendary War, THE BOYZ have proven time and time again that they are legendary performers. Yesterday’s win at Inkigayo brings them up to 10 wins in total for this year and 15 overall, giving THE BOYZ and THE B (or ‘deobis,’ as the fans are affectionately known) much to celebrate!

Here is the winning performance of “MAVERICK,” which also turned out to be the best way to wrap up this comeback!