THE BOYZ Eric’s Producer Comes Under Fire For Allegedly Plagiarizing B.A.P’s “Coffee Shop”

The producer of the song responded to fans accusations.

THE BOYZ‘s Eric recently celebrated his birthday with fans by releasing multiple photos and a self-written song.

THE BOYZ’s Eric | @WE_THE_BOYZ/Twitter

The song titled “4:03 (Jet Lag)” features an artist named Davii, and Eric himself did the lyrics and composition. It was released on Soundcloud, much to fans’ excitement, and has gained over 60 thousand streams in two days.

Credits to “4:03 (Jet Lag)” on Soundcloud. | THE BOYZ/Soundcloud

After the gained traction on social media, it was met with criticism from fans of the third-generation K-Pop group B.A.P. According to fans of the group, the beat and instrumental were extremely similar to the group’s song “Coffee Shop,” which was released in 2013.

In addition to this, fans also discovered that the top line of the song was also extremely similar to B.A.P’s song.

After discovering the similarities between the songs, fans went directly to the producer, who goes by Dyan, to find out what was happening. Fans commented on another video shared by the producer, who claimed that the beat was from a sample he then linked to on YouTube.

However, the “sample” was a piano rendition of Coffee Shop, as stated in the cover song’s information.

The “sample” the producer claimed to use. | YouTube

Fans of B.A.P quickly pointed out that “Coffee Shop” was an original work and shared the song’s credit from the album that it was released on, as well as the KOMCA listing. No one in the credits of “Coffee Shop” was mentioned in the credits of “4:03 (Jet Lag).”

“Coffee Shop” credits and lyrics in B.A.P’s Badman album.

The producer continued to deny the plagiarism accusations on his Instagram account and stated that he was the owner of the beat before dismissing all concerns and directing fans to contact IST Entertainment.

While fans of B.A.P want the song to be properly credited, many fans of THE BOYZ are upset with the company for not taking steps to ensure these allegations of plagiarism would not happen.

IST Entertainment nor Eric have released a statement regarding the allegations as of yet.


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