Brave Girls Reunite As Four Under A New Company… But They Might Not Get To Keep Their Name

A new start for them.

Brave Girls have signed a new exclusive contract with Warner Music Korea. They will be proceeding with promotions as a four-membered group.

On April 27, 2023, a representative from Warner Music Korea stated to the media that they “have come to a mutual understanding with the members to prioritize promotions as a full group” and that they “would not hesitate to give their full support in promotions.

However, they may experience some difficulty, as Brave Entertainment still owns the name “Brave Girls.” This is a common business practice amongst entertainment companies. One such example includes B2ST and Cube Entertainment. When the members left the company after the contract expired, they had to change their group name to HIGHLIGHT. In the case of Brave Girls, Warner Music Korea plans to “discuss the matter from different angles.”

Brave Girls left Brave Entertainment in February 2023 after their contracts concluded. They experienced a career with dramatic highs and lows, with the group suddenly hitting it big with “Rollin'” in 2021 after many years of struggling to reach stardom. Warner Music Korea is slowly expanding into K-Pop, having recently been in charge of many collaborations between K-Pop stars and Western artists, such as MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa and Dua Lipa, Chungha and Christopher, and more.

Source: Chosun

Brave Girls

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